Remember We Have Seen Jesus

I’ve recently been reading through the book of John and came upon chapter 9. In this chapter Jesus heals a blind beggar and stirs the pot with the religious leaders of the time. They disapprove of Jesus’ healing on the Sabbath (a holy day on which no work was to be done) and quiz the poor ex-blind beggar’s family of who they believe Jesus to be. When the man cannot deny that something miraculous and divine has just occurred in his life, the religious leaders kick him out of the synagogue (their place of worship). I’ll spare the sermon but wanted to give an idea of what is happening in the chapter and why the next part is so ground breaking to me. After the ex-blind beggar is thrown out of the synagogue, Jesus approaches him and the interaction goes like this:

“When Jesus heard what had happened he found the man and asked, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’.The man answered, ‘Who is he sir? I want to believe in him’. Jesus says, ‘You have seen him and he is speaking to you’. The man then says, ‘Yes, Lord I believe’ and worshipped Jesus”. (v. 35-38)

Much like the man, I find myself “wanting to believe” more often than I truly care to admit. When life feels way too heavy to bear, when my circumstances and those of the people I love seem incredibly cruel and unfair, when my heart aches with pain and disappointment, when fear over takes me and I find myself in a full blown panic attack all I can think is “I WANT to believe in the Son of Man”. I want to believe in His healing power, His unconditional love, and the peace He provides that surpasses understanding, but sometimes all I can see is everything else.

What I love about Jesus’ response to the ex-blind beggar is that He reminds him that he has already seen the Son of Man. In reading this, I’m reminded of my own personal encounters with Jesus, of times when I could see Him clearly as love and peace and hope and healing, and of the things He so graciously allows me to find beautiful and enjoyable. Then Jesus tells the ex-blind beggar that He is currently speaking to him. I am rocked by the reminder that Jesus is fully present in my current situations and that there is truth to be revealed and joy to be uncovered.

And lastly, when the man realizes that he has already encountered the One who changes everything and that the One who changes everything is present with him, his natural response is to worship. So, my prayer is that when life rears its ugly teeth, and it will, I would be reminded of how I have already seen Jesus. I pray that I’m reminded of His current presence and His readiness to show me more of Himself. I pray that I would worship in the process.



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